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Bulk Throwback Sodas

Whether they’ve been discontinued and reintroduced or just a nostalgic soda, throwback sodas are one of the coolest styles of soda around. The throwback style line has an awesome retro feeling and is a great way to remember how things were before the advent of the internet, smart phones, and endless amounts of high fructose corn syrup. 

Who Will Enjoy Throwback Sodas?

Throwbacks are great for people who like variety in their sodas or want something unique to share with friends or family members.

They are also extremely popular with some of the older generation who crave the classic taste of their favorite sodas from when they were a kid.

Throwbacks aren’t just a cool throwback to the old days, they’re still delicious and full of flavor today!

What Does This Style Taste Like?

The throwback soda style is almost identical to some of the earliest types of sodas. It’s a little bit sweeter than sodas today, as many of them advertise that they are made with real sugar.

This can be a strong selling point for many people who try to stay away from high fructose corn syrup.

The Glass Bottles

There is just something different about drinking a soda out of a glass bottle rather than out of a plastic bottle that just seems fancier and more nostalgic. The classic taste and glass bottles go hand in hand on giving you the perfect throwback feeling and ambiance.

The throwback style bottles are also great for those who want to collect various types of soda bottles.

Things to Look For In Throwback Sodas

When you’re looking for a soda in this style, try to find one that is made with real sugar and natural ingredients. Also look for ones that come in collectible glass bottles that are great for showing off.