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Bulk Mineral Water

At Louisiana Pantry, we also offer mineral water in bulk!

How Is Mineral Water Used?

Many people love drinking mineral water. It is already purified and has a neutral pH, making it the healthiest choice for your body.

Home Use

Bottles of mineral water are perfect to have around the house and so convenient to take with you. When you buy in bulk you won’t ever worry about running out of water again and your kids will always have something healthy to grab before their next sports game or practice.

Even if you already have a water system in your home, these can always be a lifesaver on days that you’re rushing around or when something goes wrong.

Restaurant Use

At restaurants mineral water can be used for cooking or in place of tap water to make steak more tender and provide extra flavor for soups and salads.

It tastes great, compared to many other bottled waters and many restaurants have even begun to buy mineral water for their customers.

Health Benefits of Buying Mineral Water

There are numerous benefits that come along with buying mineral water in bulk, besides the amount of time and money you’ll save.

With its carbonation and mineral content, mineral water is known to provide multiple health benefits for your heart, blood pressure, and digestive system.

Heart Health

Studies have shown that drinking mineral water helps lower your bad cholesterol and raise your good cholesterol. High cholesterol increases your risk for getting a lasting heart disease, mineral water will help keep your heart running normally.

Lower Your Blood Pressure

Another study showed that people who had high blood pressure and low levels of calcium and magnesium were significantly healthier after drinking mineral water for 4 weeks. Their blood pressure was back down to normal and their bodies were able to obtain much needed minerals from the water.

Digestive Benefits

For people with indigestion and constipation, drinking mineral water can help. It contains the right amount of minerals for a healthy digestive system and decreases the symptoms of any discomfort.

It is also proven to increase functionality of the gallbladder.

The biggest benefit of buying bulk mineral water, however, is how convenient it is! Not only will you always have something healthy, but it can be delivered right to your door!