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Louisiana Pantry also offers deep fryers for outdoor and backyard use.

We have a 4 gallon fryer and a 6 gallon depending on your needs. All fryers are made with carbon steel, come with 2 baskets and a stand.

How Are Fryers Used?

Our very portable deep fryers have the power to keep up with the demand of your patio cookouts, tailgating parties, and more. With endless possibilities, this is the perfect fryer for your backyard fish fry or to serve french fries, onion rings, appetizers to go along with your BBQ. 

How A Deep Fryer Works

Deep fryers utilize propane heated oil to cook its contents by the indirect heat from below as opposed to dry- or baking-type heat. This ensures that food put in the basket does not burn because of excess exposure to high heat.

Once a high enough temperature is maintained, it creates golden-brown surface textures on your favorite foods in a short amount of time.

How Ours Are Different

All of our fryers work with the Burner Flue Hovering in the cooking vat, positioned so that the excess breading and/or batter will fall to the bottom of the fryer where the oil is cooler.

This prevents the oil from being scorched by the sediments laying directly in the heating zone which will very quickly ruin the quality of your cooking oil. 

This deep frying system can reduce the amount of oil needed when compared with other models.

Our Fryers

Advantages Of Fryers

Fryers have multiple advantages that will make your kitchen life easier and faster!

Multi-Basket Fryer

Coming with 2 baskets, you’ll be able to cook two different foods at once! Watch your food cook and easily see when it is done  on your LCD timer.

Cook a whole chicken, fish or large amounts of fries in this basket! The 3″ feet ensure even heat distribution and prevent the oil from seeping into your food. 

Turkey Fryer

Deep fryers can make your next Thanksgiving meal a breeze. Our fryers can cook up to a 14lb turkey easily and efficiently.