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Outdoor Fryers

When it comes to outdoor cooking, there’s nothing quite like the taste of food that’s been fried. Outdoor fryers make it easy to get that crispy, golden-brown texture you love, without having to heat up your kitchen.

What To Fry With Your Outdoor Gas Deep Fryer

Deep-fried foods are an incredible hit whether you are cooking for yourself, your family, your friends, or even coworkers. With an outdoor fryer, you can prepare a number of delicious foods with ease, including:

  • Hushpuppies
  • Fish
  • French fries
  • Turkey breasts
  • Onion rings
  • Appetizers
  • Seafood

Why You Should Buy An Outdoor Deep Fryer


Compared to frying food with a pot or pan in your kitchen, an outdoor deep fryer is a much safer option. You can reduce the risk of fire and oil burns by using an outdoor gas fryer.


Having a fryer on-hand makes it easier to plan for group events and prepare delicious, fresh food as needed. You will impress your friends and family by preparing deep-fried appetizers and more without the need for special preparations or precautions.


An outdoor propane deep fryer can help you fry a variety of foods. With multiple baskets, outdoor fryers from Louisiana Pantry allow you to fry different foods at the same time, providing variety without jeopardizing flavor or wasting time. Deep-fried foods can easily be overcooked, but our outdoor fryers come equipped with thermometers to accurately monitor oil temperatures, limiting the chances of food becoming burnt or inedible.

A dozen pieces of golden-brown battered chicken frying in hot oil.


Rather than trying to prepare fried foods in your kitchen, resulting in oily messes and even skin burns, using an outdoor fryer can save you the hassle and limit the amount of cleaning you have to do when you’re done. With a designated outdoor fryer, you can keep your kitchen clean and produce crispy, delicious food with ease.

Buy Your Propane Deep Fryer For Outdoor Cooking From Louisiana Pantry

From tailgates to fish fries, an outdoor deep fryer can give you an edge when it comes to frying up delicious meals and snacks. When you order from Louisiana Pantry, you’ll get free shipping on your fryer, as well as any other purchase you make over $35. You can even buy a fryer cover to keep your outdoor fryer safe when not in use.