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If you’re looking for an easy dinner or side, a rice mix is the perfect way to go. Just add water and cook, and you’ll have a delicious, satisfying dish in no time flat. Brands like Tony Chachere offer rice mixes in a variety of flavors. They’re the perfect way to stir up an authentic Cajun dish with all the right spices.

Rice Mix Flavors

Rice mixes come in a wide variety of different flavors featuring different spice profiles.

Dirty Rice Dinner Mix

Dirty rice mix is the perfect way to enjoy a delicious, authentic Cajun dish. Just add water and cook, and you’ll have a flavorful meal in no time flat.

Creole Gumbo Dinner Rice Mix

A bowl of Creole Gumbo is exactly what you need to cure your blues. Typically, this hearty and filling soup is filled with shrimp, chicken, or sausage and includes plenty of veggies like green bell peppers and celery.

Creole Jambalaya Dinner Rice Mix

A simple one-pan meal with a lot of delicious flavor: it’s easy to enjoy this robust, home-style Cajun dinner. Combine rice and jambalaya dinner mix with your selection of meat—simply add water, bring to a boil, then simmer until done.

Creole Roasted Chicken Rice Dinner Mix

The Creole Roasted Chicken Flavored Dinner Mix has a robust roasted flavor that’s delicious on its own, or with chicken.

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Bulk Rice Mixes

Buying rice mixes in bulk is a great way to save money and have them on hand when you need them. You can find a variety of flavors available, so you can stock up on your favorites.

There are plenty of businesses that can benefit from buying bulk rice mixes:


Busy restaurants can keep a few bulk rice mixes on hand to make preparing side or main dishes quick and easy. The flavor will still taste like it was homemade.


Caterers can use bulk rice mixes to create flavorful, satisfying dishes for their clients.


If you’re having a party or event, bulk rice mixes can be a convenient way to make sure you have enough food for everyone. They’re also easy to prepare, so you can spend more time enjoying the event.

Home Cooking

If you cook for a crowd at home, bulk rice mixes can be a lifesaver. They’re easy to make and can feed a lot of people without breaking the bank.

No matter what your needs are, buying bulk rice mixes is a great way to save money and time. You’ll be able to find the perfect flavor for any dish, and they’re easy to prepare.