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If you are looking for high-quality, luxurious candles and other scented products like laundry detergent, you need to check out Tyler Candle Company. They offer a wide variety of scents and products that will make your home smell amazing. Their scents with the finest ingredients are sure to give you a relaxing and stress-free experience.

Tyler Candle’s Offerings

If you’re looking to add some luxurious scent to your home or clothes, Tyler Candle Company’s products are sure to fit the bill!

Tyler Candle Company Laundry Detergent

Tyler Candle’s laundry soap is called Glamorous Wash. They come in a variety of scents including Diva Glamorous Wash and High Maintenance Glamorous Wash. The laundry soap is not only fragrant, but it’s also gentle on clothes and leaves them feeling soft and luxurious.

Buying Tyler laundry detergent in bulk can help you save time and money. They come in large jugs so you’re sure to always have some on hand.

Tyler Candle Company Ingredients

The detergent is phosphate-free and safe for all types of fabric. It’s difficult to find negative reviews that say the wash doesn’t clean effectively, and it’s been around for a decade at this point.

Laundry Detergent Sizes

Tyler Candle Company Glamorous Wash comes in a few different sizes:

  • Gallon size
  • 32 oz
  • 16 oz
  • 4 oz

1 Gallon of Diva Glamorous Wash is one of our most popular products.

Tyler Candle Company Candles

Tyler Candle Company candles come in a wide variety of scents and sizes. They make excellent gifts for almost everyone.

Tyler Candle Company Room Spray

A spritz of a room spray from Tyler Candle Company can completely change the atmosphere of a room. Their scents are amazing and will make any room smell luxurious.

Tyler Candle Company Dryer Sachets

If you’re using Tyler Candle Company’s laundry detergent to wash your clothes, why not store them with scented dryer sachets too? You can tuck these sachets in with clothes, shoes, linens, and more to improve the scent.

Tyler Candle Company’s Glamorous Wash gift set

Where to Buy Tyler Candle Company Products

You can buy Tyler Candle Company goods from Louisiana Pantry! Purchasing the products is easy and straightforward. We also offer free shipping for orders over $30. So what are you waiting for? Get your Tyler Candle Company products today!