Canada Dry Zero Ginger Ale Lemonade 12 oz – 24 Pack


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Diet Canada Dry Ginger Ale + Lemonade is now Canada Dry Gingerale + Lemonade Zero Sugar! The perfect combination of two refreshing favorites, delivering the ultimate refreshment perfect for kicking back and relaxing any time of year. With the same taste as Diet, it combines the classic ginger taste of Canada Dry Ginger Ale Zero Sugar with a splash of lemonade made with real lemon juice.

  • CARBONATED SODA: Carbonated soda that tickles your senses with bubbly flavor and refreshing ginger taste that satisfies your thirst every time
  • COCKTAIL MIXER: Canada Dry Ginger Ale Zero Sugar is the perfect mixer for delicious, modern cocktails or to enjoy all by itself
  • GUILT-FREE RELAXATION: Relax Your Way with Canada Dry Ginger Ale Zero Sugar when you want, the way you want
  • ZERO SUGAR: The great taste of Canada Dry Ginger Ale Zero Sugar is also caffeine-free so you can enjoy it guilt free any time of day