Carolina Nut Bacon Ranch Peanuts 12oz


You know what’s better than bacon? Bacon and ranch.

You know what’s even better than that? A whole can of them.

That’s right: Carolina Nut Bacon Ranch Peanuts are here, and they’re not messing around. These huge, hand-roasted peanuts are covered in smoky bacon flavor and creamy ranch seasoning for a taste combination you won’t find anywhere else. We can’t wait for you to try them!

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Carolina Nut Bacon Ranch Peanuts are Colossal in Size, Taste and Flavor!

Hand-roasted peanuts with the smoky flavor of bacon and the creamy sweetness of ranch dressing. These aren’t your normal nuts! Gently hand-roasted and completely covered with seasonings, each of our 10 flavored peanuts are hand crafted in Henderson, North Carolina. They are a true gourmet delight.