Carolina Nut Bourbon BBQ Peanuts 12oz


These aren’t your average peanuts!

In North Carolina, we’re all about barbecue. We love to throw down a slab of ribs, a pound or two of pulled pork, and a big ol’ plate of cornbread. And what goes best with all that? A nice tall glass of sweet tea and a handful of Carolina Nut Bourbon BBQ Peanuts.

Colossal in size and taste, these aren’t your normal nuts! Gently hand-roasted and completely covered with seasonings, each of our 10 flavored peanuts are hand crafted in Henderson, North Carolina. They are a true gourmet delight.

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Greetings, friends! We’re so excited to finally introduce you to our brand-new Carolina Nut Bourbon BBQ Peanuts.

North Carolina is known for its barbecue, and these spicy peanuts are packed with mesquite flavor.

These aren’t your normal nuts—they’re colossal in size and taste, and they’re completely covered with seasonings. Each of our 10 flavored peanuts is handcrafted in Henderson, North Carolina by a true gourmet delight.