Cheerwine Cherry Soda 7.5 oz Mini – 24 Pack


You’ve heard of us, you know us, you love us. We’re the oldest soft drink in the country, still run by the same family that started it back in 1917. And we’re proud of our roots—and our story.

We were born during Prohibition, when a chemist named L.D. Peeler decided to create a cherry soda that would appeal to an adult audience. He wanted it to be full of flavor and color—and he wanted it to be different from other cherry-flavored drinks on the market. So he created this wild new beverage called Cheerwine Cherry Soda.

Today, we’re still made with real cane sugar—and we still have that bold red color and delicious taste that has made us a Southern favorite for more than 100 years.

Our mini sodas are exactly what they sound like: small versions of our beloved Cheerwine! They’re just 7.5 ounces each and less than 100 calories per can. The perfect size for a snack or an afternoon treat, even on the go!

Grab yourself a cold glass of Cheerwine (or 12!) and dive right in!

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What’s old is new again.

A sip of Cheerwine is a sip back in time, when life was a little sweeter and everyone had time for a tall glass of soda with friends. You might be surprised to learn we’ve been around since 1917! We’re proud to be the oldest continually family-owned soft drink in the world, and we wouldn’t be here today without all of you who have stuck with us through the years.

Everywhere you look, people are taking a step back from their busy lives to rediscover what matters most—and they’re turning to products like Cheerwine to do it. With less than 100 calories per can, our 7.5 ounce mini sodas are still big on taste but small enough to take anywhere and enjoy anytime—whether you’re crashing on your friend’s couch for a quick movie-watching session or enjoying some downtime after a long day at work.