Finest Call Premium Banana Puree Mix 12 Pack


We captured the smooth and refreshing taste of sweet, tree-ripened bananas. This product is full of real banana puree (Cavendish variety) straight from Costa Rica so you’ll feel like you’re tasting a freshly peeled, delicious banana with every sip.

***We deliver this product as fresh as possible and in order to do that it may take 1-2 weeks for delivery.

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Product Features

  • 28% juice, all from Cavendish bananas
  • Gentle processing technology ensures a bright, stable color with no browning

Behind the Bar

  • This product’s thick, creamy texture works well with dairy cocktails, providing a smooth mouth feel
  • The neutral color base provides a great canvas to create spectacular looking cocktails
  • Finest Call Banana Puree’s rich flavor allows it to add a banana accent using only a small amount