Grandma’s Molasses 12oz Glass Jar


Grandma’s Molasses is the secret ingredient your grandma always used to make her recipes taste amazing.

It’s a sun-ripened sugarcane molasses that’s been around for generations. It contains no preservatives, artificial flavors or colors, and it’s fat free, gluten free, Kosher and vegan!

Grandma’s Molasses is the highest quality, unsulfured, sun-ripened sugarcane molasses in the world. After the sugarcane is cut and crushed, the liquids are extracted and boiled. The two grades of Grandma’s Molasses are created by the length of the boiling process. It’s the secret ingredient for baking and cooking that’s passed down from generation to generation. To meet Grandma’s seal of approval, it would have to be great!

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Grandma’s Molasses is the real deal. It’s made with sugarcane, not sugar beets, so it has all the flavor and none of the weirdness you get with other brands. And it’s been a family favorite for generations, because Grandma’s knows how to do things right.

Grandma’s Molasses is unsulfured, which means it doesn’t have any sulfites added to it. That means you can use it in everything from baking cookies to making salad dressings without worrying about your health or your taste buds!

And if you want to know what makes Grandma’s Molasses so good? It just tastes like molasses! There are no weird ingredients that make your food taste strange—just pure sugarcane goodness that will make every recipe better than ever.

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