King Arthur Organic Baker’s Classic Flour 50lb


This premium-quality bakers flour is milled from 100% certified organic hard red wheat. It is great for a variety of applications; with it you can make white pan breads, specialty pan breads, Danishes, sweet dough, thick- and deep-dish pizza dough, breadsticks, tortillas and flat breads, pretzels, yeast-raised donuts, batters and breading.

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Organic Baker’s Classic

12.7% Protein | .55% Ash | Malted

Milled from certified organic hard spring wheat, this flour fits the typical profile of a classic bread flour with a higher than average ash content. Has a more complex flavor and more active fermentation activity. The protein content makes it well suited for a variety of handmade or machine-made breads including hearth breads, pan breads, and Neapolitan style pizza.