Mexican Coca-Cola Glass 355 mL Bottle 24 Pack


  • Coca-Cola bottles for sale imported from Mexico
  • Sweetened with real cane sugar
  • Packaged in elegant, glass bottles
  • Classic look of the glass bottles provides a nostalgic experience

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Why Does Coke Taste Different in Glass Bottles?

Many fans of Coca-Cola de Mexico are very vocal about the better flavor of Coke in glass bottles. And, according to science, they might be right. Some university researchers in the United States have explained that Coca-Cola in glass bottles, cans and plastic bottles all contain the same amounts of carbon dioxide (the stuff that makes the Coke so fizzy). However, plastic bottles are considered more carbon dioxide permeable. That is to say the plastic bottles of Coke, according to the U.S. researchers, allow more carbon dioxide to escape from the bottle. This means that plastic bottles sometimes won’t taste as fizzy and carbonated as glass bottles.