Southern City Flavors – Real Maple Syrup 12oz

Real Maple Syrup is what we’re all about at Southern City Flavors, and this 12oz bottle of pure maple syrup is the best you’ll find. We know that when you pour it over your pancakes or waffles, you’re going to feel like a kid again.

Or maybe you’re using Real Maple Syrup for another dish. We love it with our French toast, or even drizzled over ice cream or cake!

Whatever you use Real Maple Syrup for, you can rest assured that every drop of this syrup came straight from the finest maple trees in the south. When you open this bottle, you’ll smell what we mean: pure sweet southern goodness! Your mouth will be watering in no time.

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When you’re in the mood for some good, old-fashioned pancakes (or French toast, or waffles, or whatever else), you can’t beat a good syrup. It’s just basic math:

Pancake + syrup = delish

But what kind of syrup? There are so many kinds to choose from. Do you go with an off-brand knockoff? Or do you get the real deal? Really, the only choice is obvious:

Delicious Southern City Flavors Real Maple Syrup.

Southern City Flavors’ maple syrup is 100% pure maple syrup—real maple tree sap that’s been boiled down and flavored with nothing but some old-fashioned love. Give it to your kids on their birthday pancakes and feel like a good parent all day long. Put it on your waffles during a fancy brunch with your parents and impress them with how mature you’ve become. Or just pour it directly into your mouth, because hey—it’s delicious, who cares if that’s not how it’s “supposed” to be used? Taste buds don’t care about rules; they only care about flavor!

You can’t go wrong with this classic topping. Treat yourself today!

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