Tony Chachere’s Burger Marinade 12 oz


When it comes to burgers, there’s nothing like the flavor of Tony Chachere’s Creole-Style Burger Pourable Marinade.

This savory blend of honey, bacon and BBQ smoke will have your taste buds asking for more!

Mix it in when making patties, baste it on before the burgers hit the grill, or let it all marinate in the fridge for intense flavor. However you end up using this marinade, your whole neighborhood will wonder what your burger secret is!

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You want to know what our secret is?

It’s not just about the beef. It’s about how we treat it. And how we season it, too.

We’ve been making burgers for years and we know that there’s nothing better than a perfectly cooked burger—but we also know that it’s hard to get them perfect every time. That’s why we created Tony Chachere’s Creole-Style Burger Pourable Marinade! Now you can make the best burgers in town without having to worry about whether or not they turn out right. Just mix it in with your ground meat and you’re good to go. Or baste it on before grilling. Or let it marinate overnight in the fridge—whatever works best for you!

Because here at Tony Chachere’s, we believe in making food that everyone can enjoy together—and now, thanks to our new Creole-Style Burger Pourable Marinade, you’ll be able to serve up some of the tastiest burgers ever with no hassle at all!

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