Tony Chachere’s Creole Fish Fry 25 lb


Oh, hello there, fish fry!

Did we have you at “crispy finish”? Because we should have.

This corn meal and Tony’s flavorful spice blend are the perfect match for a deliciously crispy batter on your favorite fish, no matter how you’re cooking it. If you’re frying it up nice and hot in a skillet, you’ll get that extra crunch that makes it all worth it. You know what we mean—the kind of mouthfeel that sends your tastebuds to heaven right when they need it most.

Whether you’re cooking up some salmon or whitefish or angler fish, our fish fry will make sure the outside is just what you need to make the inside even better.

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Love fish, but hate the hassle of preparing it?

Tony’s got you covered.

Our Creole Fish Fry is a staple tool in any chef’s arsenal, whether they’re cooking for their family or planning a huge event. Nothing says “I’m ready to entertain” like a cajun-spiced seafood feast!

Our Creole Fish Fry is simple to use—just mix it with water, dip your fish in the batter, and fry it up. The cornmeal and spices will form a nice crispy finish, perfect for any type of fish you choose.

You can also add our Creole Fish Fry to your other favorite recipes—it works great as breading for chicken, pork chops, and veggies! You can even drizzle it over vegetables after roasting or sautéing them for an extra kick of flavor.