Tony Chachere’s Original Creole Seasoning 8 Oz

What’s the secret to your grandma’s famous chicken stew?

What’s the special ingredient in your mom’s savory roast beef?

Who are you going to blame if your meatloaf turns out dry and flavorless tonight?

The answer to all these questions is: Tony Chachere’s Original Creole Seasoning. It’s a blend of flavorful spices that enhance meats, seafood, poultry, vegetables, eggs, soups, stews, salads—even barbecue and french fries! It will literally transform your cooking with its powerful flavor punch.

Did we mention it’s gluten free? And kosher? And has no MSG? That’s just one more reason to love this seasoning. Just sprinkle some on your next dish and watch the smiles bloom around the dinner table.

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Hey! I know you’re probably busy making dinner, but do you have like… half a second? Because I just have to tell you about this crazy seasoning blend I discovered.

It’s called Tony Chachere’s Original Creole Seasoning, and it’s like… a party in your mouth. It’s an incredible blend of flavorful spices that makes your food taste better than it ever has before—even barbecue and french fries (can you believe it?). It’s so good, I’m kind of mad I haven’t been using it my whole life.

I get that you’re busy, though, so here’s the thing: you can use it on ANYTHING. Any kind of meat or poultry, any seafood or vegetable—toss your salad or soup with it and be amazed at the difference! Honestly, anything in the kitchen will benefit from a dash of Tony Chachere’s (you’ll even catch yourself sprinkling some on your eggs).

So give it a try—you won’t regret it! Who knows? You might even decide to take up cooking just so you can use more of this stuff.

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