Trappey’s Sweet n’ Hot Jalapeño Slices 12 oz Jar

The Trappey’s Sweet n’ Hot Jalapeño Slices 12 oz Jar is a classic favorite! Enjoy Trappey’s sweet and spicy pickled jalapeno slices right out of the jar or add to a variety of dishes. Try adding to guacamole, sandwiches, burgers and hot dogs. Use in breakfast burritos, cream cheese dips.

Trappey’s peppers are never cooked, but are cold packed in distilled vinegar to retain the pepper’s color, freshness and crispiness.

Color-coded lids and labels make it easy for you to choose your favorite hot or mild pepper.

This sweet and spicy pickled jalapeno slices will be your go-to condiment for all your recipes!

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If you’ve ever had a jalapeno, you know how good they are. But did you know that they’re even better when they’re pickled?

We certainly didn’t—until we tried Trappey’s sweet and spicy pickled jalapeño slices. These guys are great right out of the jar, but they can also take your sandwiches to new heights (and yes, we mean that literally).

We’ve been experimenting with these little green gems, and here are some of our favorite ways to use them:

-Top your sandwich with them instead of lettuce or tomatoes. Trust us—you’ll be glad you did.

-Mix them into guacamole for an extra kick!

-Use them as a dip for nachos or veggies. They’re also great on top of tacos!

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