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Camellia Red Beans 1 lb.
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Camellia Red Beans 1 lb.

Camellia Small Reds (Frijoles Rojos Pequeños) are smaller and darker in color than Camellia Red Kidney Beans, and their shape is closer to that of Camellia Black Beans. \n \nThese colorful, diminutive red beans possess a rich, nutty flavor that holds up beautifully when seasoned with lots of peppery heat. \n \nLike all of our beans, Camellia Small Reds are non-GMO, gluten-free, and meet the “Hayward Standard”– the name our growers gave our bean quality standard – which exceeds the top USDA requirements. Try some today – we think you’ll taste the difference. \n \nhttps://youtu.be/h260YmXQgVQ

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