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Green Bee Honey Soda 12 Pack Made From Real Honey (Variety Pack)
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Green Bee Honey Soda 12 Pack Made From Real Honey (Variety Pack)


Introducing the Green Bee Honey Soda Variety Pack - a sensational collection of exquisite flavors to tantalize your taste buds. Crafted with utmost care and using the finest honey sourced from local beekeepers, this variety pack offers a diverse range of refreshing and invigorating sodas. From the soothing sweetness of classic honey to the zesty kick of lemon and the dreamy essence of blueberry, each sip is a journey through a world of captivating flavors. Elevate your beverage experience and indulge in the delectable assortment of Green Bee Honey Soda.

INCLUDES: 3- Lemon Sting, 3- Honeycomb Cider, 2- Green Tea, 2- Ginger Buzz, & 2- Blueberry Dream.

Bee Natural

Our flavors always come from nature:  fresh pressed juices, natural herbs and spices.

Bee Sweet

When we sweeten, we use HONEY!

Bee Real

We take pride in crafting products by hand.