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Gold Peak 18.5 Ounce 8 Pack Tea Bundled by Louisiana Pantry (Unsweet Black)
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Gold Peak 18.5 Ounce 8 Pack Tea Bundled by Louisiana Pantry (Unsweet Black)


This 8-pack of Gold Peak Unsweetened Black Tea, with each 18.5-ounce bottle, provides a refreshing and pure tea experience without the addition of any sugars. Gold Peak is well-known for its commitment to brewing real tea leaves to create an authentic and flavorful beverage, and this Unsweetened Black Tea is a testament to that dedication. Bundled by Louisiana Pantry, this pack ensures you have a generous supply of this clean and classic tea, perfect for those who prefer their tea in its natural, unsweetened state.

The 18.5-ounce bottles are designed for convenience, making it easy to enjoy this Unsweetened Black Tea at your leisure, whether at home, on the go, or at gatherings. Gold Peak's approach to using genuine tea leaves ensures you get a refreshing and genuine tea experience that's free from added sugars or artificial additives. This 8-pack, bundled by Louisiana Pantry, is an excellent choice for those who appreciate the clean and pure taste of unsweetened black tea. It provides you with the classic, unsweetened tea experience that's perfect for those who enjoy the simple and unadulterated flavor of tea, allowing you to savor the authentic taste of brewed tea leaves in every sip.