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Western Wood 350 cu in Wood Chunk Variety Pack (Hickory, Mesquite, Cherry, Apple, and Pecan)
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Western Wood 350 cu in Wood Chunk Variety Pack (Hickory, Mesquite, Cherry, Apple, and Pecan)

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Elevate Your BBQ Experience with Western Wood Chunk Variety Pack 

Customize Your Blend and Flavor

  • Mesquite BBQ Cooking Chunks: Give a rich, distinct flavor to brisket, steak, and other cuts of beef. They also pair well with pork and lamb. Mix Mesquite chunks with a mild flavor like Post Oak to customize your blend and flavor.

  • Apple BBQ Cooking Chunks: Produce a mild but delicate smoky flavor with a hint of sweetness, perfect for vegetables and pork products such as ribs and chops. They also add great flavor to beef when combined with Mesquite or Pecan BBQ cooking chunks.

  • Hickory BBQ Cooking Chunks: Have a strong aroma that’s not too bold and slightly sweet. Often used with pork products such as bacon and sausage, they also pair well with chicken and beef. Try mixing Hickory chunks with Apple or Cherry BBQ cooking chunks to create your own flavor combination.

  • Pecan BBQ Cooking Chunks: Create a strong smoke similar to Hickory but add a sweeter flavor to meat. Pecan wood smoke pairs well with pork and heavier meats like beef and lamb. For use with lighter foods such as poultry and vegetables, mix Pecan with Apple BBQ cooking chunks.

  • Cherry BBQ Cooking Chunks: Produce a mild smoke with a tangy, fruity flavor. They complement lighter meats like chicken and fish and add a beautiful reddish tone to sausages, poultry, and salmon.

Use with or instead of charcoal, with kettle grills, ceramic grills or smokers. Mix and match with other flavors for the perfect smoked meat finish. Each bag is 350 cu in. giving you a total of 1,750 cu in. of cooking wood!