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Tony Chachere's Cajun Country Cookbook
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Tony Chachere's Cajun Country Cookbook

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Y'all, if you haven't read Tony Chachere's Cajun Country Cookbook, you're doing it wrong. This book is the definitive guide to traditional Cajun cuisine, and its author needs no introduction. He is the "Ole Master" of Creole flavor, the master of all things season-y, and he's here to help YOU become a Cajun master chef.

The cookbook has over 350 recipes for traditional South Louisiana dishes from jambalaya to gumbo to etouffee, but it has much more than that. It also includes sections on how to use Tony Chachere's Creole Seasoning in your cooking (and why you should), what ingredients to keep on hand for a successful Cajun meal, and how to pair drinks with certain dishes. It's everything you need to know about cooking Cajun food, and then some! So don't wait—order your copy today!