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Mexican Glass Bottled Soda 12 Ounce Bundled by Louisiana Pantry (Fanta Orange, 12 Pack)
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Mexican Glass Bottled Soda 12 Ounce Bundled by Louisiana Pantry (Fanta Orange, 12 Pack)


The Mexican Glass Bottled Soda bundled by Louisiana Pantry offers a delightful assortment of Fanta Orange sodas in a convenient 12-pack. Each 12-ounce bottle contains the authentic taste of Fanta Orange, crafted with cane sugar for a distinctively crisp and flavorful experience. Packaged in classic glass bottles, these sodas not only preserve the freshness and effervescence of the beverage but also add a nostalgic charm to every sip. Whether enjoyed on its own or as a complement to your favorite meals, this 12-pack of Mexican Glass Bottled Soda brings the zesty and citrusy essence of Fanta Orange in a traditional, visually appealing form.

This bundled offering by Louisiana Pantry ensures a consistent supply of Fanta Orange sodas, each bottled in the distinctive glass packaging that embodies the authentic Mexican soda experience. With each bottle containing 12 ounces of the beloved citrus-flavored soda, this pack is perfect for sharing with friends and family during gatherings or for stocking up your pantry for moments when you crave the refreshing taste of Fanta Orange. The combination of the soda's vibrant flavor profile and the unique appeal of the glass bottles makes this 12-pack a delightful choice for soda enthusiasts seeking an authentic and enjoyable drinking experience.

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