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Bulk Salt

We all know that salt is an essential ingredient for our kitchen. Salt makes food tastier, and it also adds flavor to many dishes. However, just like other ingredients in the kitchen, it can be expensive if you buy small jars of salt one by one. Here’s how you can buy bulk salt at a lower price than buying individual containers each time.

Bulk Salt Packaging

Looking for a good supply of salt or sea salt? Consider buying in bulk for a good price. Salt comes in several slightly different forms of packaging.

Bags of Salt

You can find bags in multiple sizes ranging from 2 pounds to 50 pounds! You’re sure to find the size that’s right for you and your business at a great price.


If you don’t want a large bag of salt, you can also purchase a different size: a box. Some people find it easier to store when it’s packaged this way.

The Benefits of Buying Salt in Bulk

So why buy bulk salt? You use salt all of the time to create great flavors. When you use it on a variety of items, it makes sense to buy this delicious product in large quantities.

Saves You Valuable Time

Forget having to choose between buying a ton of small salt containers or several trips to stores. When you buy in bulk, it’s easy to place your order online. We have a variety of products, all with free shipping for orders over $35. Why go to the store when you can have it delivered to your doorstep. Our customer support is a great service, too.

Cheaper to Purchase

It’s also less expensive to buy salt in bulk. You’ll receive plenty of salt for a cheaper price!

Remember, you can save big with Louisiana Pantry when it comes to shipping and delivery. Our prices are great, and shipping is free for orders over $35, whether you need salt or other items.

Businesses That Benefit From Bulk Salt


Plenty of restaurants use salt in their cooking. Don’t let the price of an essential ingredient go up just because you’re buying one jar at a time.

A wooden bowl of salt next to a wooden spoon that also holds salt. Some salt has spilled out of the bowl to the left, and in the upper left corner, a plant clipping with seven leaves rests.


Bakers love salt as well. Whether they’re creating a special treat for a wedding or just delicious doughnuts, this is an important part of the recipe. Bakeries may sell their goods from their store, or take them to a market.

We also offer bulk flour and sugar for your baking needs.


Cafes use salt in different ways, too. From topping a savory dish with it to providing a little flavor in their coffee, it’s important to have this at the ready.

Food Manufacturing

Maybe you don’t work in a restaurant, you work at a manufacturing plant that makes a variety of foods. Buying salt in bulk will help you create the flavors that keep your customers happy.

If you need salt because you work in the food manufacturing industry, we can help.

Home Cooks

If you love to cook, we can understand how annoying it is to buy small containers of salt all the time. Get the flavors and quality that your taste buds crave without worrying about the price increasing. You can do it all without leaving your house!