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Wood Pellets

Wood pellets are used to grill food and are a great alternative fuel. They are well known for being environmentally friendly fuel that has little impact on the environment since it is made from wood waste.

Wood pellets have become increasingly popular over the past decade or so, due primarily to their lower cost than gas or propane.

How Wood Pellets Are Used

Wood pellets are most commonly used for smoking and grilling food. They offer a different and more efficient way to cook food compared to charcoal or gas.

With pellets, you can easily smoke your meats without ever doing it before. Typically, smokers take a while to figure out if you’ve never used one, but now pellets make it simple! Get the tender and flavorful meat you crave from your local BBQ, right at home!

Coming in a variety of flavors, there is always one that will match your meat and taste preferences perfectly.

Benefits of Pellets and Pellet Grills

Great Flavors

Our BBQ wood pellets come in a wide variety of flavors like pecan, hickory or cherry. You can even mix different pellets for even more unique flavor combinations.

Our Pellet Flavors

Clean Smoke

One of the main benefits of using wood pellet fuel is that it burns very efficiently with little ash or residue therefore it’s great for giving a clean and pure smokiness to your food.

A Consistent Cook

Pellet grills act like an oven or smoke chamber, providing even heat to every inch of the grill. Pellet grills also constantly monitor their temperature and automatically adjusts and adds pellets as needed to keep the heat exactly where it should be.

Easy To Use

Pellet grills are the easiest grills to use, by far. Simply, pour in your pellets and press the button to ignite the grill. From there, you can let your temperature setting do the rest.

Some pellet smokers can even be pre-programmed with entire smoking cycles so you can get your favorite meats done perfectly every time.