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Seafood and Crawfish Boilers

A seafood boil or crawfish boil is a great way to gather friends and family together for some good food and fun. You’ll need a large vessel to boil the food, as well as some spices, vegetables, and of course, seafood or crawfish.

Seafood and Crawfish Boil Equipment

A seafood or crawfish boil is an event where you cook large amounts of shellfish with different seasonings. For a successful seafood boil menu, you need to have a large enough pot to cook everything. This is often difficult to obtain, especially if you are hosting a crowd. A good seafood boiler pot can be hard to come by, so some cooks may find that a crawfish boiler is a better option.

Louisiana Pantry has two dedicated seafood boilers, 30-gallon and 60-gallon options, to help you make your seafood boils successful.

How Do Crawfish Boilers Work?

Using a crawfish boiler is easy. You’ll need to boil water, add in seafood boil seasoning, and then add your crawfish. Once they’re done, remove them and shake the crawfish with a little more reasoning. Our crawfish boilers offer hinged baskets so you can easily dump out the crawfish!

Seasoning for a Crawfish Boil

There are many different types of fish fry seasonings that can be used for a seafood boil or crawfish boil. Some popular seasonings include Old Bay, Cajun seasoning, and lemon pepper. Seasoning packets can also be used to add flavor to the water. Be sure to taste the water before adding any seasoning, as too much seasoning can make the seafood taste salty.

Another important ingredient in a seafood boil is the type of beer that is used. A light-bodied beer is best for a seafood boil. Beer helps to add flavor to the seafood and also helps to keep it moist.

You can also use a fish fry mixture for seafood, and Louisiana Pantry has multiple options, seasoned and unseasoned, for your seafood cooking needs.

A large amount of boiled crawfish spread across a table with a few halved corn cobs throughout.

Benefits of Buying an Outdoor Seafood Boiler from Louisiana Pantry


A seafood boiler cooks the seafood quickly and efficiently, so there is no need to stand over the stove, stirring it constantly. And since seafood can be expensive, using a seafood boiler is a great way to keep your budget in check.

Crowd Feeding

A propane crawfish boiler is the perfect way to cook large quantities of seafood. You don’t need to worry about having a pot large enough for any seafood boil when you buy a dedicated seafood boiler. Using a boiler for crawfish is perfect for feeding a large crowd or a small gathering.

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