King Arthur Sir Galahad Artisan Unbleached All Purpose Flour 50lb


Sir Galahad all-purpose flour is made from American wheat that has been milled to strict specifications. This flour is ideal for baking a variety of products such as muffins, cookies, pizza crusts and even whole-grain breads.

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Sir Galahad

11.7% Protein | .50% Ash | Malted, Enriched

This is the flour of choice for artisan breads and yeasted pastries. Equivalent to a French Type 55 (milled from premium hard winter wheat), it can best be described as an all-purpose or low-protein bread flour, making it very versatile in a bakery. It yields a dough that handles easily and has great fermentation tolerance. Ideal for artisan breads, laminated dough, and Neapolitan pizza as well as cookies, scones, and quick breads.


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