Sprite Zero Lemon Lime Soda 20oz 24 Pack


Sprite Zero Lemon Lime Soda is a diet lemon-lime soda with 100% natural flavors.We know you’re looking for great-tasting drinks that are also low in calories and sugar, so we’ve got the answer you’ve been waiting for: Sprite Zero Sugar! This diet Sprite has no sugar and fewer calories than regular Sprite. So you can enjoy the delicious taste of Sprite without worrying about adding on extra pounds.

So go ahead—enjoy a soda without worrying about how many calories or how much added sugar it has. You deserve it!

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You know what’s better than a glass of Sprite? A glass of Sprite with no sugar.

That’s right—you heard us. We’ve got a sugar-free version of our iconic lemon-lime soda that’s just as crisp, just as bubbly, and just as refreshing as the original. And it’s all 100% natural flavors to boot! If you’re looking for a zero calorie drink that’s still packed with flavor, look no further than Sprite Zero Sugar.