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Barq's Root Beer 20 oz Soda Bottles (Pack of 12, Total of 240 FL OZ)
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Barq's Root Beer 20 oz Soda Bottles (Pack of 12, Total of 240 FL OZ)


Barq's Root Beer 20 oz Soda Bottles, available in a convenient pack of 12, provide a generous total of 240 fluid ounces of pure root beer bliss. With a heritage dating back to 1898, Barq's has perfected the art of crafting the perfect root beer, and this classic beverage is now more accessible than ever. Each 20 oz bottle is brimming with the timeless combination of sassafras and wintergreen flavors, giving you that familiar and satisfying taste that has made Barq's a household favorite for generations.

Ideal for sharing with friends and family, these 20 oz soda bottles are perfect for gatherings, picnics, or just enjoying a nostalgic treat at home. Whether you're enjoying it straight from the bottle or creating delectable root beer floats, Barq's Root Beer is known for its delightful blend of sweetness and carbonation that's sure to delight your taste buds. This pack of 12 ensures that you have plenty to go around, allowing you to relish in the iconic taste of Barq's Root Beer while creating cherished moments with loved ones.

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