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BBQer's Delight 1 lb Hickory Wood Pellet Grill Fuel
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BBQer's Delight 1 lb Hickory Wood Pellet Grill Fuel


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BBQR's Delight Hickory Natural Wood Grilling Pellets are the perfect way to add a delicious, smoky flavor to your food. These premium pellets are for premium cooking, and they're designed to give you consistent, clean fire for your pellet grill or smoker. When used with a foil pouch, these pellets produce plenty of great smoke flavor for your food. This blend has high BTU, clean-burning, and low-ash.

This product is best used in a foil pouch (see pouch directions). This reduces the amount of air for combustion of the pellets in order to achieve maximum smoking; On high heat, meat is flavor seared closed within 5 minutes, meaning the maximum flavoring is achieved and sealed within the meat in this brief period of time. Important: These premium pellets are made from 100% of the flavor indicated on the bag. It only takes 1/3 of a cup to achieve maximum flavor. Made in the USA.