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Brer Rabbit Mild Flavor Molasses 12 oz Jar
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Brer Rabbit Mild Flavor Molasses 12 oz Jar


It's the sweet life!

Brer Rabbit® Sugar Cane Molasses is the perfect addition to your family’s favorite recipes. This sweet, all-natural syrup is made from 100% pure sugar cane juice, and it's available in three grades: mild flavor, full flavor and blackstrap.

All of our molasses varieties are unsulfured, making them the finest quality of sugarcane molasses available. Whether you're looking for a lighter-colored or darker-colored variety, Brer Rabbit has what you need.

Mild Flavor Molasses is light-colored and sweetest flavor, making it the ideal choice for flavoring hot cereal, yogurt or hot drinks like coffee, tea or cocoa.