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Carbquik Low Net Carb Baking Mix 3lb Box
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Carbquik Low Net Carb Baking Mix 3lb Box


Carbquik is an excellent tasting, low-carb baking mix. With only 2 net carbs per serving and no sugar, sugar-alcohols, or trans-fats, it meets the guidelines for all popular low-carb diets, and is also lower in sodium and calories. At the same time, it is high in "good" nutrients such as fiber and protein. And since it's made from wheat instead of soy, Carbquik makes great tasting, low-carb meals that everyone will love.

Carbquick can be used in many recipes, such as biscuits, muffins, pancakes, waffles, pizza crust, and dumplings, as well as many cake and sweet dough recipes.

Carbquik is made with Carbalose, which behaves like wheat flour, because unlike similar products, it is made mostly from wheat, yet it lacks most non-fiber carbohydrates.

Carbalose is made through a unique process and contains enzyme-modified wheat, as well as plant fiber, wheat protein and some unique conditioners, enzymes and emulsifiers.

Carbalose does not contain any soy protein, sugar-alcohols, dairy, animal-originated, trans-fatty, or saturated fat products. Unlike many "low-carb" products, Carbquik was submitted in both dry and baked form, to two independent food labs: Microbac Laboratories and Silliker Laboratories. The results are reflected on the nutrition label.

3 lb box makes 90 biscuits, just add water!

90% less carbs than Bisquick - 2g net carbs per biscuit - Sugar-Free - 8g Fiber - 4g Protein - 9 Recipes on the Box

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