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Coke zero cherry vanilla, 12 fl oz, 18 cans, 216 fl oz
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Coke zero cherry vanilla, 12 fl oz, 18 cans, 216 fl oz


Coke Zero Cherry Vanilla, packaged in a bundle of 18 cans, each containing 12 fl oz of this delightful concoction, is a testament to Coca-Cola's commitment to innovation and flavor diversity. This particular variant combines the classic Coca-Cola taste with a tantalizing blend of cherry and vanilla, creating a harmonious and refreshing experience that's both familiar and unique. The 18 cans ensure you have a generous supply of this sugar-free and flavor-infused cola to enjoy on various occasions, whether you're sharing it with friends and family, sipping it solo, or using it as a delightful mixer for your favorite cocktails.

Coca-Cola Zero Cherry Vanilla is a fantastic choice for those who love the iconic taste of Coca-Cola but seek a sugar-free and flavor-enhanced option. The 12 fl oz cans are perfectly sized for individual servings, offering convenience and portability. This 18-pack allows you to experience the delightful fusion of cherry and vanilla in your favorite cola, offering a refreshing twist on a classic beverage and ensuring you have a readily available supply of this unique Coca-Cola variant. Whether you're a long-time fan or a newcomer to this delicious blend, you can relish the perfect combination of flavors and enjoy the classic comfort of Coca-Cola with a cherry and vanilla twist.

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