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Control Solutions Martin's Surrender Fire Ant Killer, 1 lb, Pack of 2
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Control Solutions Martin's Surrender Fire Ant Killer, 1 lb, Pack of 2


Control Solutions Martin's Surrender Fire Ant Killer comes in a convenient pack of two one-pound containers, offering a potent solution to combat fire ant infestations. Designed for ease of use, this product contains acephate as its active ingredient, which effectively targets fire ants, destroying both individual insects and their colonies. The formulation ensures quick action upon application, providing homeowners and professionals alike with a reliable means to rid their lawns, gardens, or outdoor spaces of these pesky and potentially harmful pests. The pack of two allows for extended coverage or multiple applications, ensuring a thorough and lasting solution to the fire ant problem.

With Martin's Surrender Fire Ant Killer, users can expect a reliable and efficient solution to control fire ants effectively. Its specialized formula works by both contact and ingestion, swiftly eliminating fire ants and their colonies upon application. This product is designed for ease of use, providing a hassle-free method to tackle fire ant infestations in residential or commercial spaces. The pack of two one-pound containers offers an added advantage, ensuring users have an ample supply to address infestations across multiple areas or for ongoing treatment, providing peace of mind with its effectiveness against these persistent pests.

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