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Efrutti Movie Bag, 2.7 Ounces
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Efrutti Movie Bag, 2.7 Ounces

Forget real popcorn and cola. Pick up our Movie Bag for the sweetest film nights! In each pack you will find: one Hot Dog, Red Licorice Fries, two Cola Bottles, a bag of Pop Corn, a Gummi Pizza and some sour Glow Worms. This is enough to roll out the red carpet all on its own.

The Hot Dog is made with strawberry jelly and has an orangey-red coloring that makes it look like a real hot dog! The Cola Bottles are made from strawberry gummi and have a fun soda bottle shape. The Pop Corn is made from strawberry gummi as well, so it really looks like real popcorn! You can even eat it without any butter or salt on top!

The Gummi Pizza is made from strawberry gummi as well and comes with tomato sauce that looks so real you'll think you're watching an actual pizza baking in front of your eyes!

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