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Wheat Montana Bronze Chief Kernels 50lb
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Wheat Montana Bronze Chief Kernels 50lb


Bronze Chief Kernels are a product of high protein Hard Red Spring Wheat. These kernels are naturally air dried, low in moisture and have an excellent baking quality. This product is chemical free and GMO free.

The Bronze Chief Kernels are grown exclusively on the Montana farm of the Brown family. It is a proven variety that has been around for over 30 years. The Brown family uses their experience to produce a quality product that they know you'll enjoy!

This Hard Red Spring Wheat is grown in Montana's fertile plains, where it is exposed to long hours of sunlight and ideal temperatures for growth. The wheat is harvested in early September and immediately sent to the mill where it is cleaned and separated from any foreign matter such as weeds or rocks. It then goes through several processes including drying before being packaged as Bronze Chief Kernels 50lb bag for your convenience!