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Crazy Water #3 - 9 Pack
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Crazy Water #3 - 9 Pack



After some time of drinking Crazy Water No. 3 you will begin to feel the effects of this mineral-rich water. The water is extremely high in alkaline and has a pH of 8.2. Drinking it will help your body absorb the minerals, including calcium, magnesium, potassium, lithium, sodium bicarbonate and others that are found in the water. You can drink Crazy Water No. 3 throughout the day to help keep your body as alkaline as possible. This will help you avoid all sorts of ailments such as:



-Heart Disease

-High Cholesterol


-And more!

The waters of Mineral Wells have been making folks feel good inside and out since 1881. We believe in this water so much that we named our company after it—and you should, too!

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