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Dad's Variety 12 Pack (Mix Case)
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Dad's Variety 12 Pack (Mix Case)


Dad's Variety 12 Pack (Mix Case) is the perfect assortment for those who crave a diverse selection of refreshing beverages. This case includes an array of Dad's Root Beer, offering a delightful mix of classic, creamy root beer flavor that's been cherished by soda enthusiasts for generations. Dad's Root Beer is known for its smooth and creamy taste, making it a favorite for those who appreciate a well-balanced, nostalgic soda experience. With this mix case, you'll enjoy a variety of flavors and can discover your own favorite among the classic and beloved Dad's offerings.

Whether you're sharing a cold drink with friends and family or savoring a solo moment of relaxation, the Dad's Variety 12 Pack (Mix Case) has something for everyone. From the rich and traditional root beer to other exciting flavors, this mix case provides a delicious selection that's bound to satisfy your thirst for quality beverages. Dad's has been a trusted name in the world of soda for years, and this variety pack is a testament to their commitment to delivering great-tasting, classic flavors in one convenient package.

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