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Dr. Pepper Cherry 24 Pack 20 Ounce
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Dr. Pepper Cherry 24 Pack 20 Ounce


The Dr. Pepper Cherry 24 Pack of 20-ounce bottles is the perfect choice for those who appreciate the classic Dr. Pepper flavor with an exciting twist of sweet, tangy cherry. This bundle provides an extensive supply of these delicious beverages, each bottle containing the iconic blend of 23 Dr. Pepper flavors enhanced by the delightful infusion of cherry. With 20 ounces of soda in each bottle, this 24-pack ensures you have a generous stock of this beloved soda, making it ideal for sharing with friends and family or keeping in your fridge for any occasion.

Dr. Pepper Cherry is a beloved favorite among soda enthusiasts, offering the ideal balance of rich, bold Dr. Pepper taste complemented by the fruity notes of cherry. The 20-ounce bottles are perfect for those moments when you want a satisfying serving of your favorite soda, and they are convenient for various settings, whether you're hosting gatherings, enjoying picnics, or simply looking for a refreshing drink to accompany your meals. With the Dr. Pepper Cherry 24 Pack of 20-ounce bottles, you can experience the timeless combination of flavors that has made Dr. Pepper a classic, all while enjoying the added dimension of sweet cherry in each sip.