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eFrutti Bakery Shoppe Bag Gummy Candy, 2.7 Ounce (12 Pack)
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eFrutti Bakery Shoppe Bag Gummy Candy, 2.7 Ounce (12 Pack)


The eFrutti Bakery Shoppe Bag Gummy Candy, available in this generous 12-pack, is a delightful and whimsical treat that's sure to satisfy your sweet cravings. Each 2.7-ounce bag is filled with a charming assortment of gummy candies, artfully designed to resemble classic bakery delights like donuts, croissants, and cookies. These gummy confections not only capture the nostalgic appeal of bakery treats in their adorable shapes but also burst with an array of fruity flavors, delivering a delightful and flavorful snacking experience that both kids and adults will adore. This 12-pack ensures you have an ample supply of these playful gummies to enjoy at your leisure or share with friends and family.

The convenient packaging of eFrutti Bakery Shoppe Bag Gummy Candy allows you to enjoy these sweet treats wherever you go, making them a versatile choice for picnics, parties, or even as a fun and flavorful addition to gift bags. With these delightful gummies, you can savor the whimsical shapes and delicious tastes inspired by your favorite bakery treats. This 12-pack is perfect for ensuring you have a satisfying supply of these delightful sweets, adding a touch of joy to your snacking repertoire and bringing smiles to candy enthusiasts of all ages.

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