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Extinguish Fire Ant Killer 25 LB Bag
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Extinguish Fire Ant Killer 25 LB Bag


The Extinguish Fire Ant Killer 25 LB Bag is a powerful and efficient solution for controlling and eradicating fire ant infestations over a large area. This generously-sized bag provides homeowners, landscapers, and property managers with the means to effectively manage fire ant problems in extensive outdoor spaces, such as lawns, fields, and commercial properties. The key ingredient in this product, hydramethylnon, effectively disrupts the digestive systems of fire ants when they consume the bait. As the worker ants transport the bait back to their colonies, it ultimately reaches the queen, preventing her from reproducing and leading to the gradual decline and eventual elimination of the entire colony.

This 25-pound bag is designed for ease of use and ensures you have a sufficient amount of fire ant bait to tackle sizable infestations. Simply broadcast the granules evenly across the affected areas, and let the product work its magic. The Extinguish Fire Ant Killer offers long-lasting control, reducing the chances of fire ant reinfestations and helping to maintain a fire ant-free environment, making it a trusted choice for those looking for an effective and cost-efficient way to protect their outdoor spaces from these troublesome pests.

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