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Fertilome (12845) Rose and Flower Food Plus Systemic 14-12-11 (4 lbs.)
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Fertilome (12845) Rose and Flower Food Plus Systemic 14-12-11 (4 lbs.)


Fertilome (12845) Rose and Flower Food Plus Systemic 14-12-11 is a top-quality fertilizer specifically formulated to nurture and enhance the health and beauty of your roses and flowering plants. With its balanced N-P-K ratio, this 4-pound product provides essential nutrients for robust growth, prolific blooms, and overall plant vigor. Additionally, it contains a systemic insecticide, which is absorbed by the plant and provides protection against a variety of troublesome pests, including aphids, whiteflies, and Japanese beetles. This dual-action formula not only supports your plants' nutritional needs but also safeguards them against insect damage, making it a comprehensive solution for gardeners looking to maintain stunning and healthy rose gardens and flowering landscapes.

The 14-12-11 N-P-K ratio signifies a well-rounded mix of key nutrients, with an emphasis on phosphorus for improved flowering, potassium for enhanced disease resistance, and nitrogen for overall plant growth. Whether you have a passion for roses, ornamental flowers, or shrubs, Fertilome Rose and Flower Food Plus Systemic provides the necessary nutrients and pest protection to keep your garden flourishing. With this 4-pound package, you can ensure that your roses and flowering plants receive the care they deserve, resulting in bountiful and vibrant blossoms, while also preventing the damage caused by common garden pests. It's a valuable and efficient solution for any gardener striving for a beautiful and pest-free garden.