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Fertilome Pruning Sealer 15 Oz Aerosol Can
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Fertilome Pruning Sealer 15 Oz Aerosol Can


Fertilome Pruning Sealer in the convenient 15 oz aerosol can is a must-have tool for gardeners and arborists looking to protect their plants and trees after pruning. This sealer forms a protective, flexible, and waterproof barrier over freshly pruned areas, helping to prevent disease, pests, and the intrusion of harmful fungi. It's particularly useful for safeguarding plants and trees against the transmission of diseases that can occur when pruning cuts are exposed. The aerosol can makes application a breeze, allowing you to quickly and effectively seal the wounds and promote healthy healing, all while reducing the risk of infections that can harm your plants and trees.

Fertilome's Pruning Sealer is a valuable addition to any gardener's toolkit, ensuring that your pruning efforts result in healthy and thriving plants. With its easy-to-use aerosol format, you can evenly and efficiently apply the sealer, giving you peace of mind that your plants are well-protected during their crucial recovery phase. Whether you're tending to fruit trees, ornamental shrubs, or other plants that require pruning, this pruning sealer is an excellent choice for promoting plant health and vitality by preventing diseases and pests from taking advantage of freshly pruned surfaces.