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Frontier Wholesale Seasoning Variety Pack Bundle - Set of 24
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Frontier Wholesale Seasoning Variety Pack Bundle - Set of 24

  • 24 Pack Gift Set From Louisiana Pantry
  • With the Frontier Wholesale Seasoning and Herb Starter Kit, you can stock your spice rack with all the fresh, flavorful organic spices you need to transform your kitchen into a gourmet flavor palace.
  • An Excellent Gift Set for everyone from an Amateur Cook to a Master Chef.
  • Do you want to be able to make delicious dishes without having to go out and buy a whole bunch of different spices?
  • And it comes in a beautiful glass jar that makes it look like you've been cooking up gourmet meals in your kitchen for years—even if it's not true!
  • Seasonings Included (One Jar Each): Turmeric Root, Cayenne Pepper, Ginger Root, All-purpose Seasoning, Thyme Leaf, Cilantro Leaf, Herbes de Provence,  Cinnamon, Coriander, Fennel Seed Whole, Oregano Leaf, Sesame Seed, Cumin Seed, Rosemary Leaf, Onion Powder, Chili Powder, Nutmeg Ground, Sweet Basil Leaf, Paprika Sweet, Garlic Granules, Dill Weed, Black Pepper Coarse Ground, Red Chili Pepper, and Italian Seasoning.

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