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Gold Peak Sweetened Tea 59oz - 4 Pack
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Gold Peak Sweetened Tea 59oz - 4 Pack


Real Brewed.
Real Tea. Real Good

Sweet tea

made with cane sugar

Gold Peak Sweet Tea 59 oz - 4 Pack

Lovers of sweet tea are sure to enjoy this four-pack of Gold Peak Sweet Tea! With 59 oz per bottle, you’ll have plenty of delicious tea to keep you and your family refreshed and hydrated. From its unique sweet flavor to its unmistakable gold label, it's easy to see why Gold Peak is one of the most popular iced teas around.

It doesn’t matter if you’re sipping it over ice or pouring it into a pitcher to share with friends and family, Gold Peak's Sweet Tea is sure to be a hit! Sweet tea is a true Southern classic, perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re throwing a backyard barbecue or just want to enjoy a glass of tea with dinner, this four-pack will hit the spot!

Don’t worry about running to the store – Louisiana Pantry has you covered! We sell a variety of Gold Peak teas, including their popular sweet tea, and will deliver your order directly to your door.

Gold Peak Sweet Tea Ingredients

This sweet tea features natural flavors for a truly refreshing beverage.

Gold Peak Sweet Tea Calories

With real sugar and other all-natural ingredients, Gold Peak Sweet Tea has just 120 calories in each 12 oz serving. The 59 oz bottle offers about 5 servings, so ordering this 4-pack is a great way to keep your fridge stocked.

Sweet Tea Gold Peak Ingredients List

Known for its simple but delicious recipe, Gold Peak's sweet tea consists of very few ingredients. All you'll find in this tasty drink is brewed tea (filtered water and black tea leaves), real cane sugar, and phosphoric acid. Some varieties also contain citric acid.

Does Gold Peak Sweet Tea Have Caffeine?

Made with real brewed black tea, Gold Peak's sweetened tea does contain caffeine. You won't get a buzz off your iced tea like you would a cup of coffee, but you can expect 44 mg of caffeine in every 16.9 oz of tea

Is Gold Peak Sweet Tea Good For You?

Gold Peak Sweet Tea is an all-natural drink and contains no artificial sweeteners or preservatives. The sugar content is slightly higher than some other teas, but it’s still a healthier option compared to sodas or energy drinks. Plus, with a calorie count on the lower end and a recipe featuring simple, natural ingredients, Gold Peak's sweet tea is a refreshing way to stay hydrated without compromising your health.

Enjoy the taste of Gold Peak Tea in a variety of flavors

Enjoy the taste of home

Turns Good Meals Gold

Sweetness Taste Level 4

You're about to enjoy:

· high-quality tea leaves ·

picked for peak taste

· pure filtered water ·

so the tea’s taste shines

· real cane sugar ·

for an authentic sweetness

· a real brewed tea ·

a tea is meant to be

Turns Good Meals Gold