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Haribo Confectionery Sour Smurfs Gummi Candy, 4 Ounces
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Haribo Confectionery Sour Smurfs Gummi Candy, 4 Ounces

Are you a fan of all things sour? We know that sour candy can be kind of a touchy subject. But we don't see the need for all of the tension! Some people like it sweet, some people like it sour...and that's that! We tend to like it both ways, so you can trust our judgement. And if you're in the sour camp, then we know you'll adore these Haribo Gummi Sour Smurfs.

These little guys are just what they sound like: sour Smurf-shaped gummies (we know, we know...it's basically perfection). They're made with real fruit juice and have no artificial colors or flavors—just good old-fashioned fun! And at 4 ounces per bag, they're not too hard on your teeth or your stomach.

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself some Haribo Gummi Sour Smurfs today and start enjoying life's little pleasures!

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