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Hi-Yield (31134) Grass Killer Postemergence Grass Herbicide (8 oz)
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Hi-Yield (31134) Grass Killer Postemergence Grass Herbicide (8 oz)


Hi-Yield (31134) Grass Killer Postemergence Grass Herbicide, available in an 8-ounce container, is a potent solution for effectively eliminating unwanted grasses from your ornamental plants, shrubs, and flower beds. This herbicide is designed for postemergence application, meaning it is ideal for eradicating grassy weeds that have already sprouted and are encroaching on your desired plants. It is a selective herbicide, which means it targets grassy weeds while leaving your ornamental plants unharmed, ensuring that your garden remains pristine and weed-free.

With its convenient 8-ounce size, this Grass Killer offers ample coverage for your weed control needs, making it a practical and cost-effective solution for homeowners and gardeners. The easy-to-use formulation allows for precise application, ensuring that you can eradicate grassy intruders without causing harm to your desirable plants. Hi-Yield's commitment to quality and effectiveness makes this Grass Killer a valuable addition to your gardening toolkit, helping you maintain the beauty and health of your ornamental beds with ease.