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Jealous Devil Lump Charcoal 20lbs + 8 Pack Boom! Firestarter
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Jealous Devil Lump Charcoal 20lbs + 8 Pack Boom! Firestarter

  • Includes: 20 lb Bag of Lump Chunx + 8 Pack of Boom! Firestarters
  • Crafted from pure, all-natural South American hardwood: Our product is made from the highest quality South American hardwood, ensuring a clean and eco-friendly source for your burning needs.
  • Specially carbonized for a superior, high-performance burn: Our hardwood is carefully carbonized to enhance its burning efficiency, resulting in more heat, less ash, and a smoke-free experience, while also imparting a unique and delicious flavor profile to your food.
  • Jealous Devil BOOM! Firestarters are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional firestarting methods, crafted entirely from renewable coconut fiber, reducing the environmental impact of outdoor cooking and grilling.
  • These non-toxic firestarters prioritize safety, making them a reliable choice for igniting fires while ensuring a clean and sustainable option for outdoor enthusiasts and cooks who want to minimize their carbon footprint.