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Joe Tea Blood Orange Lemonade (18oz plastic) - 12 Pack
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Joe Tea Blood Orange Lemonade (18oz plastic) - 12 Pack


I do my best to brew up drinks that “explode” in your mouth with flavor! Taste-Bud-Explosion is actually a test we do. Joe’s Blood Orange Lemonade didn’t just pass…It’s the REFRESHING-LY-EST! As someone who has a stockpile full of drink options, all I can say is this is my new “crave”. So if you want to completely rock your mouth, quench your thirst, and just take a break from the world.. crack open a Joe’s Blood Orange Lemonade! Even if “refreshingly-iest” isn’t technically a real word, it best describes my Joe’s Blood Orange Lemonade! One for now and one for later. If you don’t grab the one for later, you’ll be sorry! These are going to be such fast sellers that you need to hoard them when you see them!

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